Team Unity All Cheats! Thank God.


This is my version of the story of 3 cheats from Team Unity, and we’re still weeks before the May 2007 elections.

1. Chavit Singson Survives Helicopter Crash

I first got the news watching Wazzup Wazzup (Studio 23) yesterday early evening, when Vong Navarro was interviewing Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson over the phone about the accident. Chavit said he was all right. Vong asked if there was nothing serious, and Chavit said no. You mean, Sir Chavit, Vong said, nothing serious, it’s all a joke?

Wazzup Wazzup of ABS-CBN isn’t a joke (I love the team of Vhong Navarro, Toni Gonzaga and Archie Alemanya); the Singson news wasn’t a joke either. Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson, Ilocos Sur Governor now running for a Senate seat under GMA’s Team Unity, survived a helicopter crash yesterday on a hillside in Bontoc, going to Banaue ( Chavit was with 2 others, not including the pilot Diosdado Lumanlan: Inquirer photo correspondent Randy Hormillosa and his security aide Riot Reyes (Tarra Quismundo et al, Later, he thanked God for another miracle of survival. He was brought to the Makati Medical Center Monday night for tests. He has survived, he says, several accidents and ambushes, not that he’s counting. That makes him a Survivor without really counting, without really trying. Those who hate Chavit Singson call him the Bad Boy of Ilocos. Now, with that accident, Chavit has cheated death again. The question is: Does God love Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson very much? Of course! God loves everybody. Including cheats.

2. Zubiri In Another Helicopter Incident

Helicopters are becoming the mode of transportation of candidates for the May elections. You know helicopters, of course: what comes up must come down. SunStar Manila ( reports that last month, Team Unity senatorial candidate Juan Miguel Zubiri made an emergency landing on a riverbed in Nueva Vizcaya due to heavy fog. He cheated death, as he was unhurt. That makes him in fact the first Team Unity member who’s a cheat.

3. Mike Arroyo Survives Heart Operation

First Gentleman Juan Miguel Arroyo has just undergone a delicate heart operation at St Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City, a triple by-pass plus an open-heart surgery for aneurism ‘to normalize the flow of blood through the vessels leading to his heart’ according to Dr Julie Gopez-Cervantes (Maila Ager & Lira Dalangin-Fernandez, He is expected to stay in the hospital for the next 14 days.

God rest you First Gentleman, let nothing you dismay. Thank God, you have already cheated death.

Now then, that makes Team Unity cheating death twice. And someone behind Team Unity cheating death also. So, they’re all cheats! Team Unity? They’ve been making the headlines because they’ve been cheating! And unlike the Genuine Opposition people, I have proof of that.


~ by frankahilario on 10 April 2007.

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