What’s In A Name? IGNRM.

A Phrase Or Some Other Name Would Be Nice


IGNRM? The full word is at the tip of my tongue, but I can’t say it. Ignoring it is what I have been doing. But there comes a time when you can no longer ignore the technical term, that which I suspect was invented to add some mystery to the science. Or to confound science writers like me who already have enough problems grasping for a metaphor or two.

A metaphor for a mouthful. IGNRM: integrated genetic and natural resource management. And what would that be, I ask? The name ‘IGNRM’ is a long way from a rose memorable by its pleasant smell. A phrase or some other name would be nice. The full essay


~ by frankahilario on 18 October 2007.

3 Responses to “What’s In A Name? IGNRM.”

  1. it matersnot, you know what it is all about, if the results will reduce inequity and farmers will be happier, healthier! sro

  2. I’m sorry, but the acronym implies something unsavory, about one’s lack of intelligence: IGNRM.

  3. […] unknown wrote an engrossing place today onHere’s a hurried excerptIGNRM … is a coercive combinatory strategy of rural investigate that seeks to tap the synergies among the disciplines of biotechnology, being breeding, agronomy, agro-ecosystems and ethnic sciences with grouping empowerment at … […]

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