What’s This About f@h?

I started this with f(a) as my translation of faith, hope & accommodation, but today, 30 March, I think f@h is better, as @ represents everything that is Internet-related, which signifies the whole world of knowledge (and lack of it). Now then, f@h / f(a)h is my way of contributing to change & exchange – not merely monologues, dialogues, debates – of information and insight to help improve the current Philippine situation: either economic, or political, or social, or moral, or psychological – or all of the above. f@h / f(a)h is a translation of ‘Faith, Hope & Accommodation,’ which in turn is my personal translation of the Biblical Majestic Trinity ‘Faith, Hope & Love.’ Love is difficult to do; accommodation is easier. Remember the young couple one Christmas Eve 2,000 years ago who could not be accommodated at the inn? They were accommodated at the stable. If we cannot practice accommodation somehow, we’re hopeless!


One Response to “What’s This About f@h?”

  1. Interesting pala mga contents ng blog mo ngayon, hehehe.

    maganda sa reuter almanac yung tungkol sa kabaliwan ng war. biruin mo dahil lang me nukes ang iran, Nokor, at US e pwede na nilang patayin ang isat isa sa maliit na dahilan lamang?

    However, napanood mo ba ang Hostage crisis? sira talaga ang opposition no? pati pagtulong nina chavit at kapwa oppositionist na si revilla eh tinuligsa nila at tinawag na proof ng pagiging kulelat ni gloria

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